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Australian Parliament House

Government Relations

Political intelligence, Strategic advice and counsel, Analysis of government decision making, Analysis of public policy agenda, Political stakeholder mapping and audits, Lobbying and advocacy, Parliamentary and statutory inquiry submission preparation, Training for appearance before parliamentary and other statutory inquiries.

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Reputation Management

Brand image workshop, Stakeholder perception audit and analysis, Strategy and messaging development, Build corporate communications infrastructure, Corporate reputation strategy and campaign management, Campaign measurement and evaluation.

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Policy Development

Comprehensive policy research, Strategic advice, Targeted policy development, Stakeholder consultation, Monitoring implementation.

Two business people doing market research

Procurement and Tendering

Intelligence and analysis of tender opportunities, Stakeholder audits to ascertain potential for client products/services, Strategic product/service positioning during pre-tender phases, Market research, Preparation and development of tender documents and submissions.

About us

Cornerstone Group is a leading bi-partisan consultancy firm specialising in government relations, corporate and public affairs, issues and crisis management, procurement and tendering, foreign investment and market entry, public relations and corporate communications, reputation management, and litigation communications support.

Simon Crean and Dr Peter Hendy

Latest articles and insights

Health workers wearing face masks

James Cullen on Sky News First Edition: COVID-19 and the economy

There’s quite a few things that need to happen here in terms of rebooting the economy and getting growth picking up next year, but obviously with an eye to paying down debt.

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Woman wearing face mask

James Cullen on Sky News First Edition: COVID-19

We’re starting to get conflicting health advice from the Commonwealth level and Victoria in particular about whether or not it's actually safe to have schools operating in that face-to-face learning.

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iPad displaying the stock market going down

James Cullen on Sky News First Edition: Stimulus package, economy

There's a lot of the hallmark here of the first Rudd Government stimulus, in terms of payments which will be directed to low income earners, on the pension and potentially Newstart, I think that's a big tick.

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Peter Hendy

What should/can be the role of corporations in Australia’s engagement and influence in Asia?

I mention John Stone because he taught me that being on top of Australian domestic economic data and trends and also political issues was a necessary condition to be a good analyst, it wasn’t a sufficient condition.

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Particle envelope of a single, spherical shaped, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) virion

James Cullen on Sky News: Mike Baird leaves NAB, economic stimulus, impact on economy of coronavirus, investment guarantee, Newstart

I suspect that senators will be pursuing Mr [Steven] Kennedy this morning about what is the likely impact on the economy of the coronavirus in the June quarter

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Stock market data

James Cullen on Sky News First Edition: Surplus, economy, coronavirus, Sports rorts.

There's a strong expectations management game from the Treasurer and the Government which is understandable given what we're seeing unfold across global markets.

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James Cullen Sky News

James Cullen on Sky News First Edition: Wage theft, Well-being Budget, domestic violence, economy, Budget surplus.

James is asked about the recent stories in the news about wages theft. "What does this tell you, that these big companies are doing this on purpose or the system's too complicated?"

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Powerlines in South Australia - Photo by Francesco Patrinostro on Unsplash

James Cullen on Sky News First Edition: Ausgrid seeking ADF assistance, climate change policy, coal, Queensland LNP, Superannuation Guarantee.

Ausgrid weren't aware about the official knocking on the head of their request for army assistance. Ausgrid was saying: "oh no we don't want taxpayers to have to pay for anything”. But if you call in the army, that's essentially what happens.

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Cornerstone values

1. Responsible Business Practice

With leadership comes responsibility. We are meticulous in our approach to the ethical ethos and business practice of prospective clients because the trust we have earned across the entire Australian political landscape is an asset we value. Everything we do is designed to generate positive economic and societal outcomes that still meet commercial imperatives for government and our clients.

2. Trust and Transparency

Everyone on the Cornerstone team is passionate about the work they do for every client, on every project. Each and every one of us has backgrounds based in eclectic ambitions to change society for the better. Out of hours this is put into practice as we actively contribute to the communities we value being a part of.

3. Social Responsibility

We never lose sight of the fact that the achievements we help produce for our clients and the positive outcomes we strive for have direct flow-on effects, often for those who don’t have the political voice or capabilities to call for change. Better care of those in our society who need help the most means a better society for us all.

4. Professional Standards

Leaving the world a better place is not a platitude. It’s a fundamental requirement because the alternative is a stark reality. We fully comprehend the environmental and sustainability impacts of the outcomes our clients are looking to achieve and we factor that into the planning, directives and actions we instigate.

5. Teamwork

In local, state and federal arenas Cornerstone is at the forefront of helping organisations, enterprises, institutions and NFPs of all sizes achieve mutually beneficial legislative and public policy outcomes. This is a function of the broad experience, unique skill sets, track records and networking skills of the Cornerstone principals and the teams they lead.