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About Cornerstone Group

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Cornerstone Group understands the impact government, legislation, public sentiment and the media can have on an organisation. Our comprehensive and integrated strategies are designed to effectively manage these dynamics with the view to achieve clients’ goals and objectives.

Cornerstone’s bipartisan team consists of former government ministers and politicians, policy advisors, journalists and public affairs specialists. Our team are sought-after experts, holding appointments with organisations such as the European Australian Business Council and the Australia-China Business Council.

We service domestic and international clients from industries such as

Banking & Finance

Food & Agriculture

Health & Medical

Education & Training

Science, Technology & Innovation

Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment, Sports & Gaming

Defence & Security

Transport & Logistics

Resources, Mining and Environment

Media & Communications

Property & Infrastructure

Retail & Consumer

Industry Associations, Charities & NGOs

Professional Services

Motorcade in front of an embassy

Government Agencies, Embassies and Consulates

Power and Energy

Corporate presentation

We have experience with leading Global Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, foreign embassies and consulates, multilateral institutions, government bodies and organisations, industry associations and not-for-profits.

Cornerstone offers holistic services in government relations, advocacy, public affairs, policy development, procurement and tendering, foreign investment, public relations and corporate communications, litigation communications, reputation management, and issues and crisis management.

Cornerstone values

1. Responsible Business Practice

With leadership comes responsibility. We are meticulous in our approach to the ethical ethos and business practice of prospective clients because the trust we have earned across the entire Australian political landscape is an asset we value. Everything we do is designed to generate positive economic and societal outcomes that still meet commercial imperatives for government and our clients.

2. Trust and Transparency

Everyone on the Cornerstone team is passionate about the work they do for every client, on every project. Each and every one of us has backgrounds based in eclectic ambitions to change society for the better. Out of hours this is put into practice as we actively contribute to the communities we value being a part of.

3. Social Responsibility

We never lose sight of the fact that the achievements we help produce for our clients and the positive outcomes we strive for have direct flow-on effects, often for those who don’t have the political voice or capabilities to call for change. Better care of those in our society who need help the most means a better society for us all.

4. Professional Standards

Leaving the world a better place is not a platitude. It’s a fundamental requirement because the alternative is a stark reality. We fully comprehend the environmental and sustainability impacts of the outcomes our clients are looking to achieve and we factor that into the planning, directives and actions we instigate.

5. Teamwork

In local, state and federal arenas Cornerstone is at the forefront of helping organisations, enterprises, institutions and NFPs of all sizes achieve mutually beneficial legislative and public policy outcomes. This is a function of the broad experience, unique skill sets, track records and networking skills of the Cornerstone principals and the teams they lead.

The Cornerstone Group team

Advisory members remain engaged throughout the project, continuing to provide strategic counsel and tactical advice.

Simon Crean
The Hon Simon Crean
The Hon Craig Laundy
The Hon Craig Laundy
Joseph Tannous
Joseph Tannous
Nick Melas
Nick Melas
Keren Davies
Keren Davies
Taylee Lewis
Taylee Lewis
Lucinda Bourke
Lucinda Bourke

When partnering with Cornerstone, clients have access to unequalled advice from our bipartisan Advisory Board, which includes former Liberal and Labor government ministers, throughout all stages of a project’s development.

At the beginning of a project, Cornerstone will conduct a strategy workshop which will involve at least one advisory board member. The advisory member will assist in development of the overarching strategy, as well as provide ongoing advice on tactics and key areas central to the project.