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Collectiveness Wellness Group partner with Cornerstone Group

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Anytime Fitness

When Collectiveness Wellness Group (Anytime Fitness & XTEND Barre) sought professional government relations support from Cornerstone Group, the NSW gym sector – and 24/7 gyms in particular – was simply on its knees with many franchise businesses close to failing.

The NSW Government had taken understandable steps based on the health and epidemiological advice, to limit the operation of gyms as a public gathering point and potential focus for COVID-19 community transmission.

A quality strategy government relations partnership between Cornerstone Group Australia and Collectiveness Wellness Group was quickly deployed with key decision-makers to both educate and seek change to the COVID-19 Marshal Plan that was threatening the viability of 24-7 gyms.

Cornerstone’s first step on understanding the client brief and NSW Government decision-making process was to work with CWG on putting together a succinct and evidence base brief to engage with the NSW Government and Chief Medical Officer’s office.

Cornerstone’s advocacy saw a Collectiveness Wellness Group form a coalition of pro-health and pro-small business members of NSW Parliament to support a relaxation of the COVID-19 marshal obligations on gyms.

This was also an example of where Cornerstone put in place and executed a comprehensive government relations and communications program, the latter of which saw a number one Channel Seven news story featuring public support and talent from CWG-Anytime Fitness calling for a liberalisation of the COVID-19 lockdown measures on gyms.

“Cornerstone provided the expertise, understanding of how the Government and Parliament and Media really works, and the strategic advice on how to advocate and present the gym sector’s case, which was critical in getting the COVID-19 Marshals regime lifted off NSW gyms,” CWG CEO Nicole Noye said.

“This was a proper partnership between Collectiveness Wellness Group and key decision-makers in the NSW Government, working through evidence and pathways to COVID-safe gym operations. Cornerstone is really proud of its advocacy work here,” Cornerstone Executive Director, Joseph Tannous said.