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Cornerstone CEO Tells 2018 Macquarie Graduates to Leverage Their Advantages to Help Others

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Alistair Nicholas addressing Macquarie University graduates

Speaking at the 2018 Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Business and Economics of Macquarie University in Sydney, Cornerstone’s CEO Alistair Nicholas told the graduates they should leverage their advantages to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Alistair told the graduates “You have arrived.” He said that they had become “part of the elite … part of the privileged” by completing their degrees as “only 6.7 percent of people in the world have a university or college degree.”  He said that placed the graduands in a unique position to bring about positive change in the world.

Alistair told them they can make a difference and should find a cause where they can help by giving of their time and expertise. He said: “Join a cause or get some of your friends together to start a cause to fix a problem no one else is fixing.”

Alistair’s full speech can be viewed by clicking on the video below.