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Forum discusses 2019 federal election, policies

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The machinery of government and how to influence policy after the 2019 federal election were key subjects of discussion during a recent Cornerstone Insights Forum.

The Chatham House rule event was held at NSW Parliament House on Friday 26 April.

Experiences of former ministers invaluable

Cornerstone’s co-chairs, the Hon. Simon Crean and the Hon Dr Peter Hendy, were the main speakers for the luncheon discussion. They discussed how the Coalition and Labor campaigns were tracking and the key issues that might determine the election’s outcome. Simon and Peter also covered the possible policy implications for business if a change of government were to occur at the 18 May election. The Cornerstone co-chairs drew on their vast experiences in politics and business lead the discussion and respond to questions.

Machinery of government and influencing policy

A wide range of topics were covered during the discussion, including the impact of social media on campaigning and the prospects for the minor parties given the Senate voting reform that occurred prior to the 2016 election. The forum also discussed the machinery of government and how to lobby it. Policy areas covered included Australia-China bilateral relations, foreign investment, and renewable energy and climate change.

Cross section of Australian business

The lunch was attended by senior executives representing a number of business sectors. These included resources and energy, finance, law, healthcare, media, technology, and international trade.

Future Insights Forum events

Cornerstone Insights Forum events are held quarterly. Attendee numbers are kept small to facilitate free and frank discussions. Guests are drawn from our clients and friends. The events look at topical subjects of the day affecting business and government. Because Insights Forum events are “invitation only” it is important to connect with us if you’d like to attend future events. You can do this by using the Contact Us About This Article link in the left column to send us your details.