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Issues and Crisis Management

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Newspaper on fire

24/7 On-call crisis specialists, Advice and strategy, Media monitoring and management, Inquiry and legal proceeding support, Provision and/or training of spokespersons, Crisis drills and training, Brand recovery.

In today’s fast moving media and social media environment it is highly likely that an organisation will experience an issue or crisis at some point that will place its reputation under considerable pressure. Cornerstone is experienced in handling even the most pressing of crises. Our focus is to take the steps needed to ensure that your reputation and brand image, as well as public trust in your corporation, remains intact.

Because the key to mitigating any negative impact from a crisis is preparedness, Cornerstone also develops crisis management manuals and conducts crisis trainings and drills. Our approach provides you with the tools needed to effectively manage an issue from the outset. Cornerstone can also work with companies in need of brand recovery or rebranding following a crisis.