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Derry Horgan

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Where initial overtures can determine whether the journey flourishes or falters, Derry’s experience in drafting and prosecuting incisive tenders and presentations is a vital first step.

As the tender specialist on the Cornerstone team Derry brings a wealth of experience in government and corporate liaison in the Australasian markets.  His track record of successes is based on the specialist skills he employs in developing internal and external strategies that isolate the key issues and identify the best ways to address the challenges they represent. 

Derry’s strengths also stem from the rapport he develops with everyone involved, acknowledging and addressing specific concerns. He has fostered strong working relationships with private stakeholders and public decision makers at all levels of government and industry. His executive team leadership credentials include developing growth plans, building governance cultures, monitoring performance and ensuring compliance. 

Derry’s expertise helps take a project from concept to completion. This begins with a clear appreciation for the governmental and commercial imperatives and encompasses the intricacies of procurement, negotiating and contracting all while focusing on a collaborative teamwork approach.