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Joseph Tannous

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Member of the Advisory Board

As founder and Executive Director, Joseph has established the strategic direction and operational structure of the Cornerstone Group based on his experience in advocacy, government relations and public policy making.

A strong background in local government, combined with an intrinsic ability to shape public policy, has made Cornerstone, under Joseph’s leadership, the industry leader it is today.

Joseph’s negotiating skills and strategic acumen were honed identifying commercial opportunities in international transit and channel management, particularly in China and India.

In recognition of his expertise, Joseph was appointed as the youngest ever board member of the Australian Federation of International Forwarders. Joseph brings a passion for advocating positive change with an inherent talent for identifying improvements in political planning and operational techniques.

Through his long and successful contributions to the political processes across all levels of government, Joseph has developed proactive working relationships with leaders at all levels of the political spectrum. This combination of experience, personal rapport and a natural instinct for what could and should be done to improve public policy has made Joseph a highly regarded advocate and a trusted political advisor.

In the constant flux of politics Joseph focuses on creating and consolidating the bipartisan lines of communication between business and government that deliver on objectives and achieve results.

Contact Joseph on 0404 022 979